Per Curiam
-- A man has to do something for a livin' these days

-- Bloggin' ain't much of a living, boy
Saturday, February 28, 2004
A Blog New World: This blog represents a new endeavor of two law students aiming to comprehend, criticize and improve the world in which we find ourselves. Some of the topics covered will be law, politics, current events, sports, movies and anything else that comes to mind on a particular day. Hopefully, some of the posts will be serious and others will be funny. Some of the posts may spark debate and we hope that all will inspire thought. Occasionally, we will post together our collaborative thoughts on a topic in a sort of "per curiam" opinion-- unsigned but reflecting the view "of the blog." There are a number of well-established and highly informative weblogs today, some of which are listed on the side of this page. We hope this blog adds to the movement of which we are lucky to be a part- where anyone with a modem can express an opinion and anyone with a computer can educate himself or herself about almost any topic in the world.